06.07.21. The Rise of Ransomware


This week, with ransomware incidents on the rise, we examine how the world economy can be affected by cybercrime, and what various countries are doing to prevent such attacks. 

This week on Middle Theory, after looking at what had caused setbacks for U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris as she embarked on her first international trip since taking office, we turn our attention toward a question so serious that it undoubtedly has caused sleeplessness throughout the world: did former President Donald Trump wear his pants backward to a recent event? We also examine controversies surrounding President Biden’s current infrastructure plan, and why one Democrat’s crusade for bipartisanship might have actually made things easier for the opposing party. Finally, we then shift our focus over to the problem of ransomware, and why in recent days it has become such a threat to the global economy that the U.S. is now elevating it to being a form of terrorism. We look at all of this, and much more on this week’s edition of Middle Theory.

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