05.25.18. Fear of the Dark

On this edition of Middle Theory, we examine the cultural phenomenon that is “The Intellectual Dark Web,” a loosely-knit group of individuals who engage in debate and discourse pertaining to freedom of speech. 

Before we get to that part of the discussion, Micah is joined by Matthew Oakley, filling in for Mr. McNonymous, who joins us to discuss trending news which includes recent shooting events in parts of America, as well as news pertaining to the arrest of Hollywood producer (and scumbag) Harvey Weinstein, who was arrested and arraigned on rape charges, as well as those pertaining to criminal sex acts.

In similar #MeToo news, another father-like figure in American culture, Morgan Freeman, has become the latest to have allegations of sexual misconduct brought against him. While they contrast sharply with the actions of Weinstein, what is the bigger takeaway, and how should the public view such allegations against Freeman?

Then finally, we touch on the firestorm that continues following a New York Times Op Ed, in which Bari Lowell wrote about the so-called “Intellectual Dark Web,” a group of thinkers from different walks of life who nonetheless share a passion for free speech and intellectual debate… which (of course) has led to them being branded “alt right.” We look deeply at the claims and contrast the opinions of the group with that of critics in the media.

Finally, Mr. Oakley gives us his thoughts (and concerns) pertaining to a recent strikedown against measures proposed by Tulsi Gabbard; why should the American citizenry be concerned… or will they be? We examine these, and many other issues, on this edition of MIDDLE THEORY.

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3 Replies to “05.25.18. Fear of the Dark”

  1. I have seen people argue this here is a great example


    Now human’s all argue they are predators not parasitic yet if you look at how predators behave they are eye to eye rush right at the prey head on and take them out by tooth and nail, a predator doesn’t care if your lion has a ring, and a predator don’t come in after you go to work, human’s sneak in sneak around avoid eye contact…detection…I have to say human’s are parasites no contest…what do you think?

    and where is all the skeptic chide and scientific snide ranting about we humans are “followers” because we followed herds and flocks for millions of years? We evolved depending on flowing around following the ass end of other things…No skeptic wants to do a three hour pod about how he’s nothing but a cog with no individuality? Our use of technology is no sign of evolution my dog can use a K9 pack (she gets in I carry her…) a dark hot pink fold up water dish, a collar and leash, this isn’t evolution it is laws of physics…Do skeptic understand that things are meant to do things by these laws this is how wind up toys came about, martial arts, medicine, everything…all we are doing is what can and should be done it isn’t any sign of intelligence…as a matter of fact you know you are not intelligent because in order to be truly labeled intelligent you would have to meet another species that is intelligent and see what they call you, not go by what you call yourself…

    I hope Micah and his cronies understand especially Micah I’m not attacking him but the so called people who say I’m a skeptic but I’m open minded…

    Open minded means when you are shown proof you can consider possibility…gullible is when you think anything is possible even ancient aliens…this comes from my main man William Burroughs who wrote and spread a true statement made by a scientist that no matter how much proof he was shown he would never believe in things like ESP…media sucked WSB dry like how shit flies do…left you the vomit you spit in each others mouths like little Carl’s Thoth and Thothette jr’s…And atheists would pave down all the churches and hieroglyphics having the laws in ancient symbols engrained on them with intent and experience exstinct to build high rise apartments and sell flame broilers to yuppies…so F you too…

    I’m Luke and I’m going into that cave on Dagobah (dragon, individuality) Dago from dragon ba sound of goat and owl with human head meaning becoming..Kheper reaching for true individuality…and I’m listening to the little green man in the swamp who will give me the power to “LIFT” things to lift up the green remember he lifts his ride, his food, his green man (Luke is Perseus and Yoda is Calibos go watch Clash notice the swamp) Calibos sits on a throne that has a little man totem pole lifting up his arms symbolizes Lifting watch Labyrinth and notice Sara comes out from the underworld from out a…..?

    This is why the words for the top animals on the Chinese Zodiac Goat Horse Snake are all words comprised of drawings of items that lift…

  2. G…Jar stand…this is 1 of many etymological reasons why G is on Mason symbol…it is a honey jar stand…Goat is top animal this is why he is called Baphomet Ba goats go Baaaaa…the stand is wood it is symbolic of “Tree” or plant…bees build their honey combs up in trees…



    T…you need to start to see this one T the t square the symbol of bread rising…and what is bread made of? Grains…G it is also the Rising Sun which the grains lift up to see.

    H…wick/broom (see where witches got it?) wicks rise flame, broom raises sweeps up dirt…


    R…Mouth…Raise voice

    S…hanging cloth

    E…Reed…leaf “tall, broad-leafed grass growing in wet places,” ety dic…

    S…Hanging Cloth

    N…rising water


    E….little green man in swamp “You understand Punk”

    and you ain’t gonna lean this shit in school this is on the streets only…

  3. So yeah I’m Luke and Middle Theory is my Yoda and every time I go into the swamp I have to leave/deleaf my weapons, ornaments, weight, shell, baggage… what I think is me behind…I leave it here…In their mystical swamp…I’ll just hang it on this unicorns horn here and be off. It’ll be better this way for both of us…

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