05.24.21. State-Sponsored Hijacking

State-Sponsored Hijacking

Controversy ensues over international laws being broken during a “state-sponsored hijacking” by Belarus of a Ryanair commercial airliner carrying a dissident journalist. 

This week, as we look at things happening globally, a cease-fire has finally occurred between Israel and Palestine, as Antony Blinken travels to the Middle East this week to attempt to engage in U.S. diplomacy amidst criticism of the Biden Administration’s handling of the conflict. Meanwhile, cryptocurrency has seen a shakeup in recent days with Bitcoin bottoming out, after reaching an all-time high in April.

However, this week’s most significant stories were the controversy surrounding the forced landing by the Belarusian military of a Ryanair commercial airliner carrying a dissident journalist. Legal scholars have already weighed in on why international laws were broken during this incident, and why the Western World has had the gauntlet tossed in its direction as far as how such an incident can be prevented in the future, all of which we discuss this week on Middle Theory.

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