05.12.19. The Iron Triangle

Iron Triangle

This week on Middle Theory, we look at the “Iron Triangle,” and the reasons that corruption in various agencies of government persist as a result of bureaucracy.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there… and after looking at a bit of the history of the holiday (and critically examining how corporate it, like so many other holidays, has become, we look at recent news pertaining to conservative firebrand Ben Shapiro, who has been a recent item of discussion after allegedly cutting short an interview he did on the BBC. Is there more to this story than what most commentators are reporting, and why are we seemingly living in an “age of rage”?

Then during the latter half of the program, we turn our sights toward government corruption and measures within the last several years to curtail the effects of such things as lobbying, “dark money”, gerrymandering, and a host of other political practices that help those in power stay that way. However, while elected officials often take the center stage when it comes to issues in government, there is a sort of “sub-government” that works from behind the scenes which many contend to be the real government. Hence, we examine the idea of the “iron triangle,” and how broad corruption in various government agencies might be remedied on this edition of the program.

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