04.26.19. Ratsnakes

On this edition of Middle Theory, we talk with Vincent Cefalu, a former undercover ATF agent, whistleblower, and author of the forthcoming book Ratsnakes about his time with the agency.

Leading off this week, Joe Biden has officially announced that he’s running for president, and his official campaign announcement video sells his ideas on fear and loathing… specifically the tragic events at Charlottesville, WV, which involved a white nationalist rally that resulted in the death of a young counter protestor. However, among the questions being asked about Biden’s Presidential bid are his age, whether he will be “far left” enough to beat Trump, and what his running for the position of highest office will say about the legacy of Barack Obama’s administration.

Then later in the program, we are joined by Vincent Cefalu, a former undercover agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and a Special Response Team member with experience in hostage negotiations. Having worked with law enforcement for several decades, he also has a Master’s Degree in the of Psychological sciences, and received media attention in the past for his role as a whistleblower exposing Operation Fast and Furious, appearing on programs like Democracy Now, CNN, and Fox News. Vincent joins us to talk about his new book, Ratsnakes, as well as to give his perspectives on a number of pivotal issues that occurred with the ATF during his time under the agency’s employment.

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2 Replies to “04.26.19. Ratsnakes”

  1. Please play the whole “There were good people on both sides” recording, not just the convenient news clip one… the end of the sentence was removed where he clearly stated “not the white supremacists” and said he was talking about people protesting the removal of the statue.

    That quote has been used completely out of context for years. It was just yet another complete misrepresentation of the truth by the media, who in the end are the ones that want to, and do, “control us” for the power and profit of the few.

    Both the left and the right are *literal* corporations that believe they own you as livestock (and will happily use their monopoly on violence against their livestock), not instuments of “democracy”.

    Sadly, the problem with a “middle theory” is that between two lies there are only mixes of two lies… *sigh*… Neither of these corporations care at all about doing the right thing.

    “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” is much more useful applied to politics than UFOlogy.

    Thankyou for voting libertarian, at least there are a few of us good people left who take the time and effort it takes to make a moral choice.

    sorry to rant, but both the left and the right annoy the hell out of me. It’s all bovine dung. Anything that comes out of any of them is a means to an end, nothing more.

  2. Great interview. I only wish you had asked the gentleman what exactly did he think the purpose of fast and furious gunwalking was. He touched on the guilt of holder and Obama…but id have likedto hear his take. Also…commenting about women legally carrying firearms is gonna get you in trouble with the lefties.
    Jeff Adamson

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