04.21. 20. Liberty or Death

Liberty or Death

While the federal government weighs options on reopening the economy, protests erupt as Americans proclaim “Liberty or Death,” arguing that their rights are being infringed upon in the midst of the coronavirus lockdowns.

On the heels of last week’s startling claim by President Trump–that he had “total authority” as President–many individual states are facing the economic reality of maintaining shutdowns due to coronavirus. However, in light of all the concerns about authority, authoritarianism, and the overreach of government, some are wondering what Martial Law, if it were to occur, would mean for the forthcoming 2020 Election.

Meanwhile, as some states hope to reopen sooner rather than later, others are concerned about how the federal government might intervene if they are concerned whether reopening businesses could lead to the spread of more coronavirus cases. In midst of the debate, Americans are now protesting, claiming that state government lockdowns are an infringement on their rights to work, observe religious practices, and other fundamental activities. With America already between a rock and a hard place, even harder truths may await… and something inevitably will have to give. We assess the situation this week on Middle Theory.

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