04.11.17. Syria Strike, Part Deux


This week on Middle Theory, Donald Trump is praised by a majority of U.S. allies, in response to a targeted strike on Syria in response to a deadly chemical weapon attack.

As we begin our weekly dispatches from the MID of things, we begin with analysis of media influences over sports, and a controversial incident that occurred aboard a United Airlines plane. We also examine a tragic school shooting in California, and a number of other timely news stories before turning our attention to the big issues going on in Syria, and how U.S. involvement is changing that dynamic. What message is being sent to the international community, and what will it mean for U.S. and Russian relations?

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3 Replies to “04.11.17. Syria Strike, Part Deux”

  1. Nothing to do with this show more of a cosmic coincidence kick you got me on and I thought this one would be good for Middle Theory as a cautionary tale. I am a person born and raised in extreme poverty. I have had many experiences with corruption in law enforcement. When I was sixteen I had for the first time written a script. I had always liked to write and had been told by many teachers that I was indeed a writer and should pursue it. I was basically living in a drug house being used by my neighborhood gang to operate drug trafficking in a middle class neighborhood. Living there meant I was free to do what ever I wanted but it also meant dealing with drug fiends and so I always had a shot gun in the closet and wore my shoes a few sizes large so I could stick a pistol in it. Being no stranger to violence and crime and being an avid watcher of horror movies I started writing a Zombie movie that began with two guys committing armed robbery. A few months later my cousin come over and unable to secure the drugs he needed decided to take my shotgun and rob the corner store in a fit of anger not being able to stop him I figured I’d go and least watch his back. Basically it was snowing and the police were able to follow his tie tracks the short distance from the corner store to the drug house. Being the only two men in the house we were arrested as the suspects and the house was torn apart looking for the money and instead they found my script. The police changed their motive and even though I had a clean record and my cousin was a known gang member and child hood criminal who went from group home to group home I became the center of focus. Not only did they take my script but they took Menace to Society from my video player these were to them smoking guns. Because of my script they actually believed me and my girl friend robbed the store despite the vehicle belonging to my cousin and the foot print being clearly his shoes? The script became the motive and they were going to charge me with premeditation of armed robbery for something clearly fantasy fiction. I should mention my cousin looks white and has red hair I am a hinez 357 and people think I’m middle eastern there is no way this didn’t factor into my being blamed as well. Basically my cousin confessed to everything even that the gun was his. I disputed this numerous times but after they had their bust they didn’t care about truth they just wanted to look efficient for once in their pathetic careers. So if their could be a point to make about this it would be to realize police use fiction sometimes to paint a false reality and so we should use our better judgement when crimes are presented and so called confessions and pre meditations are presented as evidence. The facts literally were almost completely swayed by a piece of crap fiction. That’s right it was a terrible script most people would find nothing in. Yet our sophisticated and scientifically driven judicial system almost put me away for 12 years for it.

  2. Real quick I would like to clarify for anyone who thinks that the police just were trying to scare me into confession that me being the soul focus of the crime was reiterated to me by all the people the police questioned and never was this mentioned to me directly by any interrogating police officers until after our confessions. Just to cover all bases so people don’t think I was a victim of interrogation practices. No they really wanted to put me away based on a 4th rate script and that I lived in a known problem house where people had been shot.

  3. Wow the San Bernardino article as to be expected by Fox News comments are racists and ignorant. Spouting lies again about crime statistics by using population to sway the public from seeing white people are committing most crime. I find it interesting as well that Hispanics which are white European people are not categorized as being white but Hispanic more racism in plain sight. If you are Hispanic you are white if you are Native then you should be categorized as native. This is not what you see but white people trying to cook the numbers by claiming whites as some other race to lower the numbers. I mean is this backed up by science and genetics that Spain is Mexican Indian now because America says so?

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