04.06.17. Syria: The Line in the Sand


This week on Middle Theory, we look at the troubling developments in Syria, and what this will mean if the U.S. becomes involved.

We kick things off with a discussion of how the Russian embassy decided to prank everyone this April Fool’s Day, as well as Noam Chomsky’s reflections on the current attitudes among U.S. politicians towards Russia.

However, our big story this week involves an apparent chemical attack occurring in Syria earlier this week, history repeats itself as questions over how the U.S. will respond to disturbing images of children and others injured during the attacks.

As of the time of this recording, news had not yet broken that the United States would carry out a missile strike against a Syrian military airfield, in the first direct assault on Bashar al-Assad’s government

Now, we wait and see where the chips may fall.

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