03.24.19. The Boy Crisis

The Boy Crisis

This week on Middle Theory, we look at the problems young boys and their families face, in a discussion with Warren Farrell, Ph.D., author of The Boy Crisis. 

Well, it was an interesting weekend full of eventful news, that ended up being less eventful than everyone expected… that’s a good summary of the findings of Robert Mueller and his team’s long-awaited report on possible collusion with Russia during the 2016 election.

Moving on to other topics, why was the libertarian website Zero Hedge banned from Facebook for a time? Also, many will remember Mark Zuckerberg testifying before Congress and being asked about whether our phones really listen to us; he said that Facebook doesn’t use such technologies and that their alleged existence is a “conspiracy theory.” But what do experts say, as well as a recent investigation by a journalist who began to notice unusual things her phone had been doing?

Then later in the program we are joined by Warren Farrell, Ph.D., whose many works deal with issues of families and problems faced by men and young boys. Dr. Warren Farrell is the only man in the US ever elected three times to the Board of Directors of the National Organization for Women (NOW) in New York City. He has been chosen by the Financial Times as one of the world’s top 100 thought leaders, and he has been featured on ABC’s 20/20, also in The New York Times, and U.S. News and World Report.

Dr. Farrell’s books are published in over 50 countries, and in 13 languages. They include two award-winning international best-sellers, Why Men Are The Way They Are and The Myth of Male Power, and today we will be talking with him about his book The Boy Crisis: Why Our Boys are Struggling and What We Can Do About It.

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5 Replies to “03.24.19. The Boy Crisis”

  1. and more

    The most shocking statistic for me was the one presented at 6:43 , which showed that boys are actively discriminated against in education, with teachers actually giving them poorer marks because they are boys. (I got passed and hardly went to class hmmm, the teachers that really saw my potential were female hmmm)

    All way through middle school 5 years old til 10 years old (in the uk), only had female teachers, every year bad reports

    School shooting are boys acting out we keep ignoring!

    however oddly enough all 6 boys sat in one group in the corner of the class and we all had near failing grades (claiming of 28 students) (I have already stated there were only a hand full of girls in my classes and they all sat with me cause I’m not a woman hating homely creep)

    We put all the focus on girls, women and minorities. The “victim” classes.

    Purposely bringing a fatherless child into the world is a criminal act.

    I believe that feminism has an effect on boys and men. And it destroys relationships between men and women. Does anybody agree?

    Lots of women rubbing the back of their necks in the audience.(? one of many judgmental comments judging woman from behind- like a dog)

    Divorce rate is shockingly high in the developed world. Why? Because women are so empowered that they can just walk away from a marriage for any reason they choose and be paid for the rest of their life. (cause ugly sick men have to have religion and political power to force woman into bed with them)

    Men and boys owe this society nothing.

    I blame the courts and selfish women and this is why nothing will change,people don’t care about males, the proof is in the pudding.

    it seems that everywhere women set foot, and become the majority becomes a gynocentric environment that needs to be protected from what is considered patriarchal.

  2. and…

    Stand up to feminists, no matter what. That’s what I say. Never back down.

    Women alone can never raise a boy to a man.

    I’d like to see an affirmative action approach to teaching positions, wherein male teachers are given first consideration in hiring and require that 50% of school teachers be male.

    It’s hard to be considered for a full time dad when women consider All men to be predators and are constantly suspicious.(speak for yourself)

    And then feminists try to blame “Toxic Masculinity” instead of actually admitting boys have a real problem.

    Current and past divorce laws make it very easy to get rid of dads(boo hoo no one wants to love me now that women don’t have to bang me to survive)

    I am 56. Grew up in a small town. Nearly all my teachers were men. They were strict. I loved school. Boys, and may girls, for that matter, are now lost because of the feminization of education.

    I think fathers often are not enough envolved with their children not because they don’t care, but because they don’t see how much value they are giving to the child by being there. Thank you Warren for pointing out how much dads matter! (this data negates the fact that many gang and clan members, just like religious bigotry and intolerance are brought in by daddy)

    UN is big scam UN provides money to feminist to brake down families and creating laws for women which are anti male (again woman had to be forced were slaves now that they are free boo hoo daddy religion and gov won’t force woman to marry me to survive anymore waaaaaa)

    This man is brilliant. Everyone assumes that boys…particularly white boys…have no problems.

    We need nuclear families. Men need comradery , we need the elks clubs, we need the knights of Columbus, we need god in our lives. (to enslave women? male comradery? my worst nightmare is having to hang out with a bunch of knuckle dragging phony intellectuals who cock block me and try to get me to spend 8hrs on a field with them rather than 8hrs in a bed showing a woman how real men play- sorry conservatively 8hrs)

  3. and more comments…all homely white men

    Fire the teachers who are biased, i am 100% sure majority of the teachers in school are women, and most of the women are feminists who push their agenda onto children in school

    Damn this made me cry , This was my childhood.This Is a very important issue you have brought up , Bravo sir!

    CNN and fox need to stop yapping about guns and give this man a platform (this is bob smith who comments pro on white nationalist videos and con on anything minority)

    Another issue men face is struggling with talking about our issues. Men are always taught to not show emotion and that leads to holding in your feelings and not asking for help when you need it. (again speak for yourself)

    (Vlad TV shows strong hard men crying regularly, all say real men cry, but they are poor minorities so it don’t count right?)

    My mom and dad divorced when I was young, and I grew up damaged and depressed by my abusive mother. I grew up to find out that my dad had chopped off his balls and lives as a woman. We have a decent relationship now, but I live in his kitchen due to the economy/cost of living. I’m depressed about a lot of things, but one reason is I wish I had a man for a father. (??? even when they have a dad taking care of them boo hoo he’s not man enough)

    It’s the effect of feminists. (it’s the abolishment of female slavery and servitude to losers)

    Especially appreciated the interaction with John Lennon (odd using a dead dad who was gunned down by a religious nut job who had a father? Oh wait DR W? “all you need is love” oh he lifted his solution from a pop song from a guy gunned down by the thing he presents as the cure western religious values)

    “Obligation and fulfillment. ” That to you feminists and the academic world!

    Women want the 20% of Alpha’s, they fantasise about being taken by those men & controlled to do what their wildest fantasies only can say …
    Have experienced it a lot over the years…
    Women do not want to settle for losers & the other 80% they see as creepy & not good enough for them. (coming from men who think they all deserve 10’s and turn down girls in their own class regularly)

    since the begining the motivation and the only motivation for boys to try hard in education and training in whatever field they were involved in was to become a good father and compitent husbands and women today with feminism and extreme feminism in their minds see boys as enemies and compeditors and monsters and people to be avoided not to be loved or to love. of course boys are less motivated cuz there less of fatherhood neccessity and less need or demand for husbands. (describing and defending religious enslavement of women)

    Women won’t listen until Superman goes his own way.(superman?)

    As Chris Rock said- No Women ever didn’t get Laid because she was Broke. (which is a joke-I been broke all my life it never stopped women coming onto me)

    It’s a tricky thing to have a woman ask you out to dinner, because most women feel it is beneath them to ‘throw themselves at a man’, (again speak for self- woman throw themselves at me all the time what’s your excuse-daddy didn’t love me?)

    How many relationships could be saved if people understood each other (how many woman would have stayed married in the past had society allowed them to work and own property hmmm)

    The real threat to society/civilisation is not mens anger & rage, it’s what comes after, and that is utter indifference.
    Love and Hate are two sides of the same coin. The endpoint via the MGTOW philosophy is self-actualisation and self-reliance.
    We will no longer be your walking ATM, We will not be your cannon fodder, we will not be your protector or provider, we will be free.

    The problem is that females and feminists have been for centuries, and massively more so in recent generations are far more listened to, empathized with, cared about, believed and protected far more than male human beings. While males have been socially conditioned to care and rush to believe and coddle and protect females feelings, demands and lives before even themselves and other males. (lol)

    Women were freed by technology.
    Most people don’t know anything about feminism, they haven’t read any of the major papers.
    But everyone has used an oven, a washing machine, a refrigerator, gone shopping at a supermarket.
    Feminism takes credit for things it did not do. A bunch of angry talentless hacks in love with their own intellect.

    I disagree…we cannot listen to feminists…in that way they will be able to implement laws against men…

    Asking women to do the same as men do, is sexist. Ask any woman.

    I think that men should NOT share their feelings with women. I’m sorry but women DON’T LIKE MEN’S FEELINGS. They don’t understand them. They are confused by them. They loose respect for men when men express them. They loose sexual attraction for men when they express their feelings. (again speak for self I have found the opposite to be true)

    We’ve listened to women for decades and they’re getting worse (yet you turn on the tv and radio everyday)

    Feminism is a female supremacy movement and always has been.

    What you say at 15:53 resembles what Stefan Molyneux say in his podcasts. We have learned to have empathy for women. Later, we have learned empathy for children. Now our society needs to learn how to have empathy for men and the unborn.

    I see it all the time. Boys with no father’s in their lives either shy away from physical play or go too hard and alienate themselves when no kids want to play with them because they don’t understand they are too rough. Rough housing teaches kids how to play physically while still being under control.(same can be said about boys with a father- personally rough housing, sports, any straight guy on guy action isn’t interesting to me at all- must be why woman like me cause I focus on guy on girl play)

    The American Father has been systematically replaced with Alimony, welfare, childsupport, food stamps and an illegal alien.

    The LGBTQAARP movement disliked this video. (??? guess I don’t get white nationalist humor I mean I never even heard of the above for being so homophobic they sure focus on gay more than them self)

    As a single father I raised my three kids without “help” from the government. As a male I didn’t qualify for many of the programs that flat out discriminate against men. I never received a dime in child support. Now that my kids are successfully on their own I am glad I didn’t become part of the government dependant culture that so many women are trapped in. (so you didn’t qualify hmmm)

    A mother and father perfectly balanced as all things should be (show me perfect balance and I’ll show you human invention and manipulation of inanimate objects- life is teetering imbalance)

    A teacher of mine taught me that women are more likely to go to college because they listen to authority while men question authority for reassurance to see if what they’re taught is truthful and to be taken seriously. Any dictatorship and communist issue is caused by the fact that the people listen and don’t question authority. (again I found the opposite true and that nobody but me questioned anything and that is why professors love me)

    One of the problems is that taxpayer handouts have made the so-called poor in this country even lazier.

  4. In my own experience men all had the same problems daddy or no daddy…what we are seeing is men are starting to realize government and religion holding woman down was the only way they could land a lay, or pay. Boys clubs pretending together bowing and throwing them self onto swords to alpha kings and Apis lords gave their life meaning, rather than man up they want to cry and protest and try put women back in a cage designed to make them rewards for men’s subservience to the power structure. Woman are not just free- so are we men- some men don’t like freedom they like passing balls to the best player on the team making a star man look good, getting sloppy success seconds or thirds is better than none…not me…woman are now free to choose- how does it feel? I don’t think guys like these above having more hand in kids lives is going to help anything…father and son cross burning, woman hating, queer stomping, and religious morality(teaching the youth all about evil- but don’t do it) offering the problem as a solution like all self made disinfo agents in a book/bible and ted talks hasn’t worked and it never will…what do the males do in the animal kingdom who lose the fight for a female? Do they shoot up schools? Do they rape and attack women? Do they ban together and enact laws and religions to enforce and force the females to mate with them? No they man up and go off alone. Science proves all females of all species are more picky about mates, feminism can’t be blamed…I know he isn’t responsible for the comments, but you can’t ignore that his work interests very specific people, and I can’t ignore people who write non fiction books structured like fiction to deliver a short sweet idealistic ending to a long build up playing off contrived emotions…I’ve already heard his ted talks so I won’t waste anytime listening here as I’m sure you don’t question his western idealistic view, but please correct me if you do…personally I think western men have always mostly been failures because they worship royalty rather than a Shaman. Royalty doesn’t profit off helping those bowing to it, civilizations are not tribes those in control don’t care about the people they lead. This guy offers one story about a dad who thanked him, why doesn’t he come on and list all the people who have thanked him in one long list of solutions and the results? Cause like most writers, philosophers, leaders, and self helping gurus, he’s a con…all the comments are about he brought up this, he brought up that, (problem) like Icke, Jones, CNN, Trump, 99%-100% talk to cover every attention stealing base 1% to 0% solution, oh but in my next book i’ll really tell you how to solve it all…my next term, we don’t have enough time for the solution sorry guys tune in next week…and you all will…and then blame daddy or lack of, feminism, gay rights, left, right, minorities, video games, or whatever the society tells you to blame…then say you are an opened minded intellectual who can make up there own mind, what own mind?

  5. I don’t know why my comments keep erasing? The above is Dr Ferrell’s fan club taken off youtube many of whom comment on white nationalist videos pro and all fit the same MO white homely entitled racists and bigots. So these are their opinions above except the last paragraph and in () these people have always acted this way always will and always are looking for something or one to target with hate- left handers, dark hair, girls, color of skin, daddy didn’t love me. There is no excuse this is how they are. You look on dog blogs saying dogs can’t hold pee for 10+ hours find tons of white people comments violently attacking the blog writer making entitled excuses why it’s fine to cage and make dogs hold pee 10+ hours, you see white nationalists shooting guns in public killing the second amendment and all white comments in praise of them, comments like kids talk in theaters deserve to be shot about the black kid who got shot in a no gun zone theater for no reason, pure sickening entitled hatred against any one who expresses any opinion they do not agree with. You see what happened in LA with Nipp Hussle? Black people don’t make excuses they took care of business, white people protect and aid and pass laws so that their disgusting weak links can be preserved. They hate rape yet a white guy rapes they do nothing, they hate gun violence yet a white guy shoots up a place and they do nothing make excuses blame mental illness, but if a minority does any of this it’s cause they are animals and it’s war. These people have zero conviction just trying to rationalize their own hatred and love of murder. And this if you impeach trump we’ll go to civil war, the entire media is pushing this fear when it will be a couple hicks against the entire military and rational people, or maybe not, maybe all whites have just been pretending, waiting to come out of their race driven closet? Stop making excuses for whites it’s pathetic when the crime statistics and history show they are violence and race driven always have been. Enough excuses time to put your convictions where your mouth is time to see you are not the master race or gods chosen people you are a slave to a race who once it weeds out race will come after you cause your in the middle, on the side, have a disability, talk funny. It never ends and never will as long as our society keeps making excuses and laws to protect these monsters. A white cop just raped a girl in my neighborhood he got 90 days. Harvey, Spacey, the catholic preacher who was convicted of molesting 300 kids all swept under the rug for R. Kelly and MJ things 10+ years old, all of it 10+ year old crimes being brought out now to hide what whites are doing now. I haven’t heard one thing about Arizona representative pedophile stepping down, that priest got 6 years when my cousin got 12 for give me the money. They have taken down MJ statues and music, yet fought over race propaganda statues in the south, you can go to any flee mart and but Nazi memorabilia go on Ebay and buy Charles Manson records…if your white you can pull out a gun on a girl beat her up and get a misdemeanor yet they charged the girl a felony for breaking the attackers windshield…Austin Sheffield what’s the excuse?

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