03.19.19. Black Budgets and Missing Money

This week we look at the history and evolution of political correctness, as well as the allegation that there are trillions of dollars that are missing or otherwise being “hidden” by the U.S. Government. 

Leading off this week, we remember the “glory days,” back when friends and neighbors could sit together and enjoy a cup of Cowboy Juice while not necessarily agreeing on everything all the time. These days, that kind of honest and simple disagreement will get you banned on social media, or maybe even from family gatherings… the question is, how did it get that way? One way might have to do with political correctness, and Micah takes us down the rabbit hole in search of answers.

The real rabbit hole doesn’t reveal itself until later, however, as we begin to look at the questions related to government secrecy that include a proposed change to the Freedom of Information Act process, as well as how millions are wasted each year so that federal agencies can maintain their budget expectations. But if you think millions is bad, then consider the proposition of a pair of economists, who argue there could be trillions missing from the U.S. defense budget… is this really the case, and if so, where has the money gone?

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