03.08.19. Five Years: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

On this edition of Middle Theory, we look in-depth at the facts pertaining to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 on the fifth anniversary of the plane’s disappearance. 

On this edition of the program, we lead off with news in the area of government surveillance, with the recent report that the NSA may be ending its long-running phone surveillance program, first revealed to the public by whistleblower Edward Snowden. In related news, another famous whistleblower, Chelsea Manning, is looking at jail time after refusing to testify in a hearing concerning Wikileaks, the government transparency organization headed by controversial Australian Julian Assange.

Then shifting our attention to the timely story of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, on the fifth anniversary of the plane’s disappearance we examine all the available facts of significance pertaining to the case. We begin by looking at the events leading up to its disappearance, and technical aspects of the search effort that indicate what little is known about the flight path the aircraft took that night. With half a decade behind us since the plane’s ill-fated final flight, what are the prospects for future searches, and will the ultimate fate and final location of the plane ever be revealed?

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2 Replies to “03.08.19. Five Years: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370”

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