03.18.20. Social Distancing

social distancing

As the 2020 COVI-19 pandemic continues, we look at human psychology in response to the spread of the coronavirus and “social distancing.” 

Have you been to the store yet this week? If so, then you too are probably experiencing what some are calling “The Great Toilet Paper Panic of 2020,” and that’s not to make light of the situation. However, it is to say, “where are our priorities?” Experiencing an actual pandemic that warrants some emergency preparedness is revealing some interesting things about crowd mentality, and the phenomenon known as “panic buying.”

Meanwhile, the United States and other countries around the world are instituting emergency preparedness policies, which include economic stimulus as the global market sees unprecedented volatility, as well as limited travel bans, health advisories, and recommendations about “social distancing.” What does all of this mean, and what will the long term effects be in a post-pandemic world?


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