03.10.20. Infodemic: COVID-19


On this edition we look at the latest developments with the COVID-19 coronavirus, as the World Health Organization announces the virus has reached pandemic scale.

As Election 2020 continues, Joe Biden continues to clinch victories in primary states as Bernie Sanders struggles to keep up… but one politician has been curiously absent in this process: Barack Obama. We look at why the former president is keeping quiet on Joe Biden and the 2020 race, before turning our attention to the latest with the coronavirus scare.

Is there really anything here to be “scared” of, and is the COVID-19 coronavirus as dangerous as some reports indicate? Why are some politicians, including President Trump, playing down concerns, while health officials appear to be bracing for a pandemic? We look at the reasons for the political divide, as well as key facts and figures about the virus, why it is different from the common cold, and how to prepare for further outbreaks.


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Image by Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons. 

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