03.17.21. The Cuomo Connundrum


This week, we look at the ongoing scandal surrounding New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and the uneasy position where it has left Democratic leaders including President Biden and Vice President Harris. 

The world has changed over the course of the last year, and even as acclimated to “pandemic life” as most of us now are, many continue to struggle with their jobs, and even personal relationships that require more maintenance and upkeep in the era of social distancing. We look at this, as well as the ongoing problems New York Governor Andrew Cuomo faces with sexual misconduct allegations and a number of other controversies, which could even result in his impeachment from office. However, as the situation unfolds, President Biden has finally spoken out about Cuomo’s situation during an ABC interview, which has many wondering what Vice President Harris will say, or if she will comment on the allegations.

Then we wrap up by examining the long term impact of Q Anon conspiracies, and whether those who advocate such ideas do so against their own best interests, in advance of the release of a new HBO documentary which claims it might have exposed the identity of the mysterious peddler of conspiracies throughout the years of Donald Trump’s presidency.

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