02.17.18. Shooting in the Sunshine State

This week’s episode of Middle Theory takes a look at the flu epidemic sweeping across Texas (and maybe the entire USA?), claiming 14% of the deaths that have occurred in 2018 in the Lone Star State, equal to just under 3,000 people. It seems to be a particularly devastating strand of flu in that it’s hitting all age groups, including the 30-40 age group.

Moving on from plotlines generally left to Stephen King, we look at the curious case of Danny Filippidis, the Toronto firefighter mysteriously vanished from a New York ski resort on February 7 without a trace, leaving all of his personal belongings in the lodge. He popped back up on the radar in Sacramento, California on February 13, almost 3,000 miles away. He was wearing all of the same clothes he went missing in, including ski goggles and helmet. He has only fractured memories of the six-day stretch and no explanation for what happened.

Before breaking to the MID, there was a somber discussion of vivid experiences with the recently deceased, based on signs that some may believe are sent along bypassed loved ones. Have you experienced a sign from a loved one in the wake of their passing? If so, we’d love to hear about it. Email us at info@middletheory.com.

The MID this week is focused on the terrible tragedy around the school shooting in Parkland, Florida where 17 students and educators were killed by accused shooter Nikolas Cruz. Cruz, 19, was recently expelled from school and put in front of the FBI as recently as January by a concerned citizen, but it seems standard protocols were not followed, and agents did not follow up with the tip.

Cruz has claimed demons spoke to him in his head, commanding him to murder. He became the latest in a string of recent shooters who have either claimed or had someone else claim on their behalf, to have voices in their head.

The show concluded with a look at Marilyn Manson’s recent on-stage meltdown, and whether or not it was influenced by the shooting in his home state, and reflections on the infamous Columbine school shooting.

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6 Replies to “02.17.18. Shooting in the Sunshine State”

  1. Interesting… following up on the shooting here found out same thing, he heard voices, matter of fact, he had, I think stumbled into my old job on accident, he seemed generally not interested in anything we sold, however would return? And I realized a few weeks ago, it may have been the podcasts I was listening too? He may have been drawn back to listen, hearing stories from people experiencing strange things similar to his experiences?

    It’s just amazing because we crossed paths, and we both had a life changing experience happen at the exact same time. Mine was a means to end the loneliness, his was a dive deeper into eternal loneness…I do feel for these people because I have always found when you give them a chance they try…These people have nothing and nobody, and their cries are drowned out by the butt ugly, insipid, billions of humanity, crying about how lonely it is to be stupid and ugly…because we all know how you perceive beauty and how much you learn isn’t a choice…your born to think only to think every one is better than you…like most things in their lives, why don’t they just leave issues, and matters of looks, to those who have them?

  2. this is hillariass go listen to a Q and A by someone you like…Me I did Burroughs, what you will notice is more hard hitting questions from jealous/know it all/douches, than you will ever find in any political debate, or from any degree bearing journalist…

    Next we have Corey Feldman does he have sponsors and voters, no ties with big farma or the state farm? I see he is a man do people care about men right now? No ok, so go hard, go all the way Ok…giving thumbs up

    For instance I just looked at charts claiming mass shootings are on the rise….Ok well when I listen to Burroughs he said mass reading is on the rise and he got taken to task on it immediately by someone saying what about b? C? D? Which you never seen in media because the people who watch media are in the same gang as the crooks saying it, you see??? Polarized media is like school/church full of unquestioning followers who are afraid if they go against the pack they will be labelled opposite of what they want to pander too…they want that demo degree, “you back slider repent now and vote Democrat or your family will go down as Republicans”…So they watch GI Schmuck the real American visage…sit in the car and turn on that rocking exhaust pipe and go to utopia…off msnoxious fumes

  3. Think about msnbc and fox are basically Disneyland and Disneyworld fake places of hope and magic for childish foolish minds, not really that much different, not really that much more than trying to pull in a PC dollar and limit minds of a family buck, this is what magic is? Kissing? Looking at your self in the mirror? Pretending wood is a real little president…

    Here’s your new President of Dizzyland Scrooge Mcqack…Oh I get it he doesn’t have a Comb over it’s a cowl… Damn and I said Nolan’s Batman was a republican in a hooded tux…DT he’s Batman he has the cowl man…I bet chris is can we bring back the bat trump has given me so many ideas…In the future the NRA are forced to become rebels because they refuse to drop a bomb on innocent people…Is that a green with big farmer? Ok…The old, gritty, bald, ugly, real, batman he don’t even need a mask anymore to scare people he just walks around pointing that thing at people like the lewd hole of a gun…

  4. The views and opinions expressed here forth do not reflect those of msnoxoius fumes incorporated…especially, Freedom, Truth, Justice, Heroism, Saving lives, Doing the right thing, Standing up for yourself, Having real experiences, Thinking for yourself, Understanding things from another perspective, Seeing things you didn’t see before, and most certainly the research into real facts, history, and taking needed time to get it all right, none of these here in expressed are the sole opinion of anyone working, watching, or near converting over for msnoxious incorporated…And I see the guys who are supposed to be checking terrorism are now watching vhs tapes to see if they are pirated, terrorisms so bad they just had a crane lift in a box of beta max…what else can homeland security do how about giving them a damn broom for starters…

  5. Dear Mcnonmo and Micah Dollar, can you explain to me why FBI makes statistics when they have the exact numbers???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    have you ever had a party and their were 15 people there and you needed a lift of spirits and instead of counting 15 people you said ok well lets turn this into a statistic and make it more simple….and if someone going to the LQ with you asked how many want Fat Tire, how many Stout? would any sane normal person go 15% want…

  6. Oh I get it they are pretending they are all Mcnonomous by taking a Mcnonmous survey. I wonder if they even are so true to keeping it all scewed in anonymity that they even just make stuff up and round way up and down to make sure the identities of people taking part in pretending they represent 100,000 people, stays in the closet…so from this kids we gather illuminati speaks in percent’s so if you want you want to be down with trump, Jay-z, and Yawnce, you better start learning to talk percentages…am I wrong?

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