News for July 9, 2016

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  1. You know I have been paying a lot of attention to the response of the Gay Community over the night club tragedy and I have to say I am so proud of them and the rest of the world could be well served if they took heed and followed their example. Rather than buying up ammo and missiles and going into straight establishments and gunning down families in revenge or fire bombing straight neighborhoods out of fear hate and ignorance, they did what I believe America should have did after 911 and have went on in full force celebrating their freedom to be who they are, taking pictures of them selves loving and caring and being happy, not letting one persons actions tear them apart at the seams and pit them against straw men and not pissing away their freedom and running and hiding behind military action like a bunch of cowards. Unlike them straight America continues to react to violence in the most childish and propagated ways, yes I said it propagated, who do you think set the model for standing on a corner with a sign like a bum? I do not believe protest does anything when it is just returning the favor of creating more hate and division. Its like I said to these kids standing out side the circus protesting with signs about animal abuse, you really think your sign is going to make a difference when all these people have already paid to enter this event? If you want to change things then why don’t you join the circus, or join an animal clinic and make sure your self that animals are being treated well? Because propaganda and two bit rock and roll have falsely put into the minds of the youth that you can change things just by not participating and this is dead wrong at least in our cultures current state. Just like the movie SLC Punk you can do more damage inside the system than you ever could outside it, it isn’t selling out to enter the arena and fight for what you believe, but it is utter stupidity to think you are fighting by sitting around the ring with a sign like a bum. I know people will disagree as my teachers have and say things like Gandhi did it but he was a public figure and was definitely inside the ring throwing punches.

  2. Next time I make a short film I’m going to have a scene where a protester is standing on the corner with his sign and guy walks by a sticks a few dollars in his Starbucks cup.

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