MIDDLE THEORY is Coming Soon

Prepare yourselves… Middle Theory is quickly approaching.

This will be a new weekly podcast, available here and through iTunes and other popular podcasting clients and players, presented through the joint operations of Micah Hanks and Christopher McCollum, otherwise known as THE SENTINELS.

What you can expect to hear on Middle Theory:

  • Commentary on the latest news and current events, without the typical spin that other pundits and commentators package with their product
  • Unique and compelling analysis of historical oddities and mysteries, scientific wonders, and political scandals and conspiracies
  • Social commentary, satire, the culture of memes, cults of personality, culinary delights and classic cocktail appreciation.
  • Esoteric wisdom handed down through the ages in accordance with the operations of THE WORLD’S MOST SECRET SOCIETY.

And much more… tune in to MIddle Theory at 12 PM Noon ET on Tuesdays… and be forewarned: Once you listen, you may never look at the world you thought you knew the same way ever again.

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