12.28.19. Era of Orwell


As 2019, and an entire decade draws to a close, we look at cultural trends and events in relation to George Orwell’s influential novel, 1984, and its impact on Western thought. 

This week, we look at Christmas and New Year traditions, and how the evolution of ideas and shifting attitudes affect the way we perceive and appreciate them. We also examine news about a new Russian superweapon that recently became operational, capable of traveling at 27 times the speed of sound, as well as odd reports of drone fleets seen flying over Colorado. Are we entering a real-life era of “Star Wars”?

We also look at many of the big trends in technology of the last year, along with those which were expected to arrive by 2020, but didn’t, and a few of the most unusual and ironic clips in politics and current events of the last 12 months. Then, in the final segment, we turn our attention toward George Orwell’s landmark novel, 1984, which defined an era with its discussion of surveillance and propaganda. Some commentators have argued that the 2010s are the period in history that most closely matches the dystopia that Orwell imagined (and warned about), which we examine in this final 2019 edition of the podcast.


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