11.30.20. Information Warfare

Information Warfare

Arizona, Pennsylvania, and other states continue to be a source of confusion and controversy in the aftermath of the 2020 Election as the coronavirus pandemic ensues. 

This week, we lead off with an innovative new idea for how to keep bars open in the UK during the pandemic: try becoming a place of worship! We also analyze controversies surrounding the deletion of an article on the pandemic by the Johns Hopkins University school newspaper, which has raised questions among some experts. Meanwhile, we see what one expert close to the program has to say about what the numbers really say, and why we aren’t in the clear yet. 

Then later, we turn our attention in the direction of Arizona, where continued efforts are underway to attempt to find evidence of voter fraud. Meanwhile, the Department of Justice maintains that there is no significant evidence of this… but what many are missing about the ongoing debate actually has to do with the precedent set by election meddling in 2016. We weigh in on all of this, and more on this edition of Middle Theory.

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