11.15.15. Vive la France

Vive la FranceIn this special edition of the Middle Theory Podcast, it’s a somber reunion for the program as our discussion focuses on the recent Friday the 13th terror attacks in Paris, France. We carefully examine the events which played out over the course of the evening, which involved multiple incidents including suicide bombings, shootings, and a hostage situation which altogether led to the deaths of 129 victims, 89 of which died at the Bataclan theatre. 

We examine a number of questions about Paris attack, including why some of the attackers have passports on them, and reports where concert goers reportedly heard the attackers proclaim, “you killed our brothers in Syria, now we do this to you.”

Also, McNonymous asks, “why wait until game was well under way, and crowd had gone inside stadium before trying to get into Stade de France? Would it have made more sense to try to sneak in with thousands of people? Would it have made more sense to detonate suicide vest amidst big crowd going through turnstiles? Why wait until not many others around?”

In addition to the French casualties, how does this incident effect the future of French politics? Could the suicide bombings be viewed as ‘decoys’ to allow for the carnage that would ensue at the Bataclan theatre later that evening?Who stands to benefit the most from this attack, and was this a way of baiting NATO into going full bore into Syria and Iraq in order to legitimize ISIL’s hold?

Finally, below we include a number of links to stories included in this episode of the podcast:

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  1. Thank You guys we do need you. Most people do use the golden mean when looking at media the problem is they still do it through some kind of cultured biased filter. I can’t tell you how much I have mentally matured and shifted perception hearing you guys through. The main thing you hit on that I feel we all need to realize as a society is that the media is not controlled by the government, nor are then well informed as conspiracy theorists or they them self would want us to believe. From personal experience I have learned the media gets it’s information from the same place anyone could, a neighbor, someone who heard or thought they saw something; basically the average person and not from the expert or official sources they purport themselves as being tied with. And I’m going to take a leap in logic here and assume sometimes they just out right make things up to seem informed. A good example of the issues of media and why we need more shows like {MT} is this; here in Denver after the Aurora theater tragedy the media reported that the shooter had dyed his hair red like the joker, I guess to create some motive or tie in, but the result of the bad reporting was people I knew shutting me out for arguing that the joker did have, does have and probably always will have green hair. One dear friend of mine went as far as to swear Heath Ledgers hair was red in The Dark Knight. That is the scary influence the media has over people. Should we start referring to media outlets as credibility purport-ers instead of reporters because I think that is all they do is pretend to have important information by seeming important?

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