06.30.16. Benghazi: Time to Move On?

This week on Middle Theory, we kick things off on a particularly weird morning: First off, Andrews base went on lockdown this morning, after a mistaken active shooter report on-site. Elsewhere, a naked idiot model guy took Times Square by storm as he danced around naked, showing his ass (literally) and demanding a meeting with Trump… shortly afterward, hilarity ensued.

Elsewhere, in “real news”, we report on the Istanbul Terror Attack that left 44 dead, and more than 250 injured. Meanwhile back at home, the TSA suggests moving checkpoints to airport entrances, as well as vehicles outside. We explain why we don’t think this would be effective. We also recap some of the recent developments with the ongoing saga of the “Brexit” affair in the UK, and why the international implications are among the greatest concerns raised by the situation.

Finally, we help examine the “real news” as it relates to the issuance of the recent Benghazi report. While one media outlet has reported that “Republicans ‘blew their chance’ to attack Hillary over Benghazi“, elsewhere we see reports that the Benghazi report ‘shows Clinton put her own ambitions above fidelity to the law’. As the politicization ensues, we try to report the facts… without as much bias.

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2 Replies to “06.30.16. Benghazi: Time to Move On?”

  1. You know no one has ever touched on the repercussions of pop culture on terrorism and I guess for you to get what I mean I’ll use some examples. In film school we watched The Godfather and basically the mafia was originally intended to protect people from corruption and beyond that serves as a control mechanism for crime. On that second point a control mechanism for crime; when pop culture came out in full force in the 80’s and 90’s with what I will call bad propaganda like Colors and Menace to Society, and Gangster Rap music, what happened was a phenomena of mislead youths “speaking from personal experience” who took this bad propaganda and became the most dangerous and unpredictable of criminals those with out any control mechanism aka want a be’s. To clarify this point even further look at the mislead children who have committed atrocious murders under the guise of being Satanists. None of them had any real connection to the church of satan or its values in any way shape or form at all just like the gangs that popped up all over my city resulting in the summer of violence where kids started shooting other kids in mass just to fit the pop culture motif of what a gang member was propagated by entertainment to be. These mislead children who have committed horrible crimes for satan and (slender man a current example) didn’t really know anything about the reality of Satanism (or slender man if you wish) and committed these heinous sacrifices based on bad propaganda from churches and horror movies, and heavy metal songs, and acted out viciously only to play up to the demonization images portrayed in popular culture. I wonder if we are seeing this effect spreading into terrorism now and will see real boogey men spawned by make believe boogey men in the form of out of control home grown terrorists. I’m not saying terrorism isn’t real what I’m saying is pop culture has a way of inciting in individuals and groups the most monstrous capabilities and when a person has no real allegiance to any group then they can go out and commit what ever horrors they see fit with out any control mechanism above them preventing them from going completely out of control. If you want to see some art that really puts this into perspective read the manga Ichi The Killer or watch the film which expresses it though not as in depth, showing what occurs when violent criminals have no one above them to keep them in control. We have seen this with want a be gangsters, we have seen this with want a be Satanists, could want a be terrorists be the new culture industry disease infecting our society? And I know those at the top know damn well about the trickle down effects of bad propaganda and opportunities that can be gained because of mislead people who act in a way propagated by our popular mislead belief.

  2. Another thing how long has it been since anyone has watched the video where the bank robbers in full body armor near Hollywood of all places got into a massive gun fight with police resulting in some drastic changes to our law enforcement. I have never heard anyone say that was a false flag but when me and a friend watched it recently I don’t know it looks really suspicious?

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