06.12.16. The Groundwork: Is Google Steering The Election?


This week on Middle Theory, in the wake of the tragic shootings in Orlando this weekend, we begin with official word from Sunday Morning’s press conference, during which the FBI, along with local Orlando authorities, referred to a violent shooting at a gay night club as an act of terrorism, in addition to being the worst shooting to occur in America to-date. The incident is the second shooting within the last 48 hours, preceded by events that led to the death of pop singer Christina Grimmie, in which a man carrying two firearms approached her after a concert on Friday and opened fire, claiming the life of the young talent.

Elsewhere, new allegations of racism have been directed at GOP hopeful Donald Trump, as he recently referred to an attendee at a Trump rally as “my African American”. Was the statement taken out of context? And is this any more cringe-worthy than Trump’s use of the name “Pocahontas” in his further attacks against one of his Democratic rivals? Finally, is Bernie Sanders “sexist” because he hasn’t suspended his campaign and yielded to his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton? We think the assertion (of which Sanders himself asked, “is this a serious question?”) is utter bullshit, and one of the best examples of how misguided many people’s attitudes are in relation to this election. Should a nominee — Hillary Clinton in this instance — be considered viable only based on her gender? If this weren’t the case, why would Sanders’ involvement in the race be questioned on grounds of his alleged “sexism”, despite his actions being right, legal, and a viable part of the American political process? Rights, and laws, be damned… he’s just a sexist, right?

On the subject of Hillary Clinton, a recent analysis by SourceFed suggests that Google may have secretly been working to skew search results in a way favorable to the Clinton campaign. While many media agencies have claimed to have “debunked” SourceFed’s analysis, this has brought a number of deeper questions to light. For instance, what role have certain Google executives played in working to support Clinton’s campaign — perhaps through subversive methods –and have they succeeded? Also, revisiting a news report from last August which offers data which proves Google’s ability to sway elections, paired with an even earlier article by Julian Assange of Wikileaks, alleging that “Google is not what it seems”, does certain data point to Google’s role in operations with the State Department, some of which involving Clinton’s role as Secretary of State, which have actually worked to help foster hawkish warfare in managed conflicts abroad, which include Presidentially-approved drone strikes?

Finally, what is the mysterious tech-startup known as “The Groundwork”, and what role do they play in all of this? Could this even present a plausible scenario in which Eric Schmidt is indeed more deeply connected to an effort to ensure Hillary Clinton’s presidency? And why the hell do they have a webpage with no links or other data, apart from a mysterious (and slightly sinister-looking) logo? 

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2 Replies to “06.12.16. The Groundwork: Is Google Steering The Election?”

  1. About to listen can’t wait to hear what you have to say about Orlando what do you guys think about law enforcement always claiming they were watching people like this but couldn’t act. When I was in elementary school the police came and made me sit in a room alone with them and made me go to a psychiatrist just for drawing lightning bolts and having my friends tape them to there jackets and because I was drawing scenes from Friday The 13th so I have a real hard time believing they couldn’t do anything. To me they are either lying about knowing or knew and let him do it.

  2. What I would like to know is where are the feminists at who should be outraged at the severity of rapes classification as a crime??? When I was a teenager my adult cousin decided to rob the corner store while I was with him and I lost total faith in our justice system when I read the law and saw that me being there while my cousin committed aggravated robbery basically having a gun and saying give me the money is a higher class felony than rape. can you believe in this day an age that people could stand for this that? It proves our society values paper debt over the lives and wellbeing of its citizens and is completely disgusting.

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